Chaves Knives

Chaves Knives are crafted for heavy duty use and made with the some of finest materials for durability and edge retention. More than just a functional knife, a serious cutting tool that will last a lifetime.

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Liberation 229/LT/BG10/BF - Tristar EdgeLiberation 229/LT/BG10/BF - Tristar Edge
Liberation 229/LT/BG10/BF
Sale price$ 345.00
Liberation 229/LDP/BG10/BF - Tristar EdgeLiberation 229/LDP/BG10/BF - Tristar Edge
Liberation 229/LDP/BG10/BF
Sale price$ 345.00
Liberation 229/LDP/SWTI/BF - Tristar EdgeLiberation 229/LDP/SWTI/BF - Tristar Edge
Liberation 229/LDP/SWTI/BF
Sale price$ 375.00
Sangre 229/SW/SWTI/BF - Tristar EdgeSangre 229/SW/SWTI/BF - Tristar Edge
Sangre 229/SW/SWTI/BF
Sale price$ 375.00
Sangre 229/SW/BG10/BF - Tristar EdgeSangre 229/SW/BG10/BF - Tristar Edge
Sangre 229/SW/BG10/BF
Sale price$ 345.00
Liberation 229/LT/SWTI/BF - Tristar EdgeLiberation 229/LT/SWTI/BF - Tristar Edge
Liberation 229/LT/SWTI/BF
Sale price$ 375.00